Removing the trailing slash from a URL in IIS6

For SEO reasons, it's sometimes considered a bad thing to have the same content on two URLs. The preferred method for fixing this is canonical URLs - however if this is not possible you can use URL rewriting to do this. If you are using IIS7 there is a URL Rewriter module, but if you're stuck with IIS6 you can use the method below.

Step 1

Install the free ISAPI filter from here

Step 2

Flatty Bird

Flatty Bird will help you seek revenge on that pesky bird by squishing him flat! Tap anywhere on the screen to clamp the pipes and flatten that evil bird. Share your score on Facebook and challenge your friends.


- Realistic bird squishing simulation
- Anti-bird therapy without the expensive costs of an actual therapist (or shotgun)
- Authentic one-finger prodding gameplay, ideal for one-fingered persons
- Don't let that bird flap through the gap!

Google Alerts API Interface

Google Alerts is an incredibly powerful tool, but an official programming API has never been made available.

Google Alerts API will allow easy intergration of Google Alerts into your C# project.


GoogleAlert googleAlert = new GoogleAlert("", "youpassword");

// create an alert
string alertid = googleAlert.CreateAlert("Android", GoogleAlert.ResultType.News, GoogleAlert.Frequency.AsItHappens, GoogleAlert.Volume.BestResults);

// read current alerts

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Chevrolet Corvette

Corvette 2007Chevrolet Corvette 2006 model, I traced the blueprints using curves, so the result is smoother finish, then used the slice tool to create faces. You can download the Blender files to do what you want with, provided it is a non-profit venture.

Corvette 2007_2


Peugeot 207

Peugeot 207

My first 3D model using Blender.

Blender is an open source 3D modeller and it's pretty good. Maybe not as good as 3D Studio Max, but then it doesn't cost $2,000.


Orbitron is an un-original but fun game based on the old 80s game Thrust, originally available on the BBC Micro and then later Commodore 64 micro computers. The control mechanism is very similar to the Atari arcade game Asteroids (see my flash version) but with more depth to the gameplay, such was demanded by the budding generation of gamers in those days. Oh yes, we were a sophisticated bunch.

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Flashteroids is a version of the good-old Atari Asteroids game c. 1980, written in Flash. Click here to play.



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