Flatty Bird

Flatty Bird will help you seek revenge on that pesky bird by squishing him flat! Tap anywhere on the screen to clamp the pipes and flatten that evil bird. Share your score on Facebook and challenge your friends.


- Realistic bird squishing simulation
- Anti-bird therapy without the expensive costs of an actual therapist (or shotgun)
- Authentic one-finger prodding gameplay, ideal for one-fingered persons
- Don't let that bird flap through the gap!
- Social media integration - post screenshots of your best scores.
Disclaimer: No birds were harmed in the production of this game.
Flatty Bird is a game for almost all age groups and will provide hours of entertainment.

Flatty Bird borrows from the same graphical elements as Flappy Bird, even replicating its antagonist. What it doesn’t do, is feature gameplay that’s anything like Flappy Bird (although, challenging none-the-less). Simply tap on the screen to squash the flappy birds as they attempt to fly in-between the pipes. Have to admit, we found it oddly satisfying to exact our revenge on the bird that soared its way into pop stardom.

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