Orbitron is an un-original but fun game based on the old 80s game Thrust, originally available on the BBC Micro and then later Commodore 64 micro computers. The control mechanism is very similar to the Atari arcade game Asteroids (see my flash version) but with more depth to the gameplay, such was demanded by the budding generation of gamers in those days. Oh yes, we were a sophisticated bunch.

The game really is only at beta-test stage, so there may be "undocumented features". Send me an email if you would like to design some levels. My design skills come a very poor second to my programming so I need all the help I can get! The levels are designed using the excellent mappy. I'm toying with the idea of an XBox version using XNA Studio.

A good version of Thrust by Grumpy Cat is available for the Gameboy Advance, and Wikipedia has a page here

Download Orbitron for Windows XP/Vista





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