Google Alerts API Interface

Google Alerts is an incredibly powerful tool, but an official programming API has never been made available.

Google Alerts API will allow easy intergration of Google Alerts into your C# project.


GoogleAlert googleAlert = new GoogleAlert("", "youpassword");

// create an alert
string alertid = googleAlert.CreateAlert("Android", GoogleAlert.ResultType.News, GoogleAlert.Frequency.AsItHappens, GoogleAlert.Volume.BestResults);

// read current alerts

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XSL Translation

Paste your XML and XSL files below.


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Flash Foibles

Here's just a few of the things bugging me at the moment. If you're new to ActionScript keep an eye out for these nuggets...


Run-time/Compile-time errors (or lack of)

Did you know that you can completely mis-spell a function call and the code will happily compile, and execute too for that matter, without even batting an eye. You can also set MovieClip attributes which don't exist, and Flash is quite happy. One way around this second problem is to declare your variables correctly. E.g:

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